Hi everybody!

I’ve recently stopped “renting” and “bought my own home” — moving the blog to my own URL. As of today, no more posts here.

Plenty of new content at the new home, with a new look and all sorts of other new and exciting stuff.

Please update your subscriptions, etc. accordingly. I’d hate to miss you.

The URL is:

I hope to see you there!





Friday Fun: Harry Potter Day!

In about 30 minutes, my boy and I are heading out to see the new Harry Potter  movie. Although I wasn’t thrilled with #5 or #6, I’m excited. Like all good people, I’m a fan of the books. Even if they weren’t enjoyable and generally well done, we have Rowling to thank for single-handedly revitalizing children’s fiction.

In celebration, here’s a link to Harry Potter Humor. Some funny, some weird, a few not safe for work.



Accountability in the Clinch

I worked a 14 hour day to meet my accountability goals this weekend, and am finishing up with this post right here. This week:

6 units of writing, including 3 today.
5 acts of marketing, mostly emails and blog comments
3 units of work on my blogs (1 less than goal)
2 units of work on work proposals (1 less than goal)
2 sessions of admin work: scheduling and financial forecasting
1 education action — this week, I listened to a podcast on writing that’s not part of my regular routine

Close to done, and I got a lot of housework finished instead — including moving a hot tub three blocks with the help of loyal minions.

Thanks for being my de facto confessional and sounding board, and as always…

… thanks for listening.


Just a note to share a personal victory. I read a horror story to my wife last night. Come morning, she complained that it was so creepy it kept her awake. Great for my writing. Not so great for marital bliss.

Habits of Highly Effective Writers: The Magic Notebook

Ray Bradbury says that ideas are like cats and women: the harder you chase them, the faster they run away. Instead, inspiration comes at odd times and under strange conditions. It hits when you’re driving, or mowing the lawn, or standing in the grocery line. Or as you’re drifting off to sleep, or when you’re four-thirds of the way to drunk with your brothers on Christmas Eve.

All of this underlines the importance of one of the best habits a writer can take on: always carry your magic notebook.

When ideas stream through your consciousness, scrawl them down in the magic notebook. When you’re working later, you can review your ideas and work on what’s on your plate that day. This process accomplishes several things:

  • You stop forgetting brilliant ideas you had while away from your work area.
  • You can avoid writer’s block by having a list of ideas ready to hand.
  • You’re less tempted to abandon current projects for new inspiration, because you’re confident the idea will still be available later on.

Your notebook doesn’t have to be an actual pen-and-paper notebook anymore. Many writers use a digital audio recorder, or even a practically antique handheld tape recorder. Cell phones will do in a pinch with an integral audio recorder, or you can just call and leave yourself a message. The new app phones combine the best features of notebooks and audio. Me, I stick with my grid-ruled Moleskine notebook — just like Hemmingway and Morrow, but Odin knows I’m a bit of a Luddite.

One final word on the notebook for shower thinkers. By happy accident, my baby boy taught me a solution to the shower inspiration: tub crayons. These wipable, waterproof babies let you preserve those ideas without stepping out, chilling yourself to the bone and soaking the floor in the process.

Thanks for listening.

Accountability July 3, 2011

This week was a big, fat win for accountability — and even better because I’m working remotely with internet more than 30 minutes away.

  • Completed for-pay work to meet goals: check
  • Five acts of marketing: check
  • Completed work on four blogs: check
  • Work on three book or article proposals: check
  • Two sessions of administrative work: check
  • One education module (read an ebook on SEO): check

Freakin’  woot! Gold star for Jason!

On the subject of gold stars, I’m the kind of person who makes doing it — and reporting it — its own reward. Saying “check” is all the gold star I need. That doesn’t make me a superior being or anything, it’s just how I work. Other people, many far harder workers than I am, use a system of personal rewards to motivate themselves to reach their goals. My wife, a teacher, likes stickers she can put on the family calendar.

What are some of your gold stars?

Friday Fun: DM Of the Rings

I heard about Shamus Young during an interview with podcast Fear the Boot, and checked out his webcomic DM of the Rings the following morning. Six hours later, I had to bang out a few mission-critical tasks in a blind panic because I’d lost the day to his hilarious work.

The comic takes screen shots from the popular trilogy of movies, and adds dialog balloons to make it seem like a Dungeons and Dragons game in progress. Full of geek puns, gaming humor and light jabs at some of the goofiest parts of the classic story. Check out panel one:

If you love this, read the rest. If not, it’s likely somebody’ else’s style.  If you really love it, you can move on to Darths and Droids, the same thing…but with Star Wars.