ghostwriter  noun 

  • an author who writes a work on behalf on another person who is credited as the author

MYTH: Most people who have books ghostwritten are celebrities looking to cash in on fame while it lasts.

FACT: Professionals are the most likely people to commission a ghost-writing — people with expertise and a message, who are too busy with their calling to take time out for a book or blog the world really needs. Having a book with your name on it also establishes you as an authority in the field. You will have literally “written the book” for your industry.

I take on a limited number of ghostwriting assignments each year, based on the details of the assignment, how well the prospective client and I mesh, and how interesting the topic looks. If you have a book that needs writing, or a blog you just can’t keep up, a professional ghostwriter can give you the best of both worlds.

Email me at for details on why you should have a book or blog, and why I should be the one to write it.

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